22 - 24 Sep 2020

Kigali Convention Centre

new report has ranked Rwanda’s capital Kigali as the second most popular destination in Africa

A new report has ranked Rwanda’s capital Kigali as the second most popular destination in Africa behind Cape Town, for international meetings and events.

The rankings by International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) were based on the number of of association meetings taking place regularly (annually, bi-annually), rotating between at least three different countries and with at least 50 participants.

The Paul Kagame-led state moved up from position three where it ranked last year behind South Africa’s Cape Town and Marrakesh in Morocco.

Kigali hosted a total of 26 association meetings last year. These associations include a number of several high-level conferences such the 4th Gender Summit that was held in March, the Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend, the GSMA Mobile 360 Series Africa, the meeting of the African Society of Human Genetics, the Africa Smart Grid Forum, and the International Conference on Family Planning.

While giving her sentiments about the new ranking, Nelly Mukazayire, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Convention Bureau stated that Rwanda is focused on getting better rankings. via @weetracker.com