22 - 24 Sep 2020

Kigali Convention Centre

Travelling to Digital Rwanda

How to build political and entrepreneurial obligations? Rwanda’s president Kagame has a stunning answer. He reanimated the old custom of Imihigo: To keep promises publicly made to your community. How African traditions and modern technology can intertwine is shown during the next Learning Journey.

In ancient times, Rwandan warriors declared their personal goal before going on the hunt for the community. The goal had to be clearly stated, not too vague nor too ambitious. Upon their arrival the warriors had to justify themselves in front of the other villagers. They then decided if the objectives were met or not.

To keep promises – for development and politics

Today, majors commit to the annual goals they want to reach once a year via radio. End of year, everyone gives proof of truth. These public performance rankings for representatives have a similar outcome to the traditional vows of the warriors. The peer-group pressure ensures solid results.  

Rwanda is the second-fastest growing economy in Africa 

– with 8 % annually right after Ethiopia.

You can register your company within 6 hours 

– also 2nd rank, after Mauritius.

64 % of parliamentarian are women 

– 1st rank worldwide. Girls and boys have equal rights to go to school.

90 % of the population have access to the health system,the life expectancy doubled since 1994, infant mortality was cut in half.

Drones deliver blood preservations within 30 minutes to every rural hospital and save lives that would have been lost 2 years ago.25 years after the genocide, Rwanda is the most digitalized country in Africa regarding e-governance. The entire communication with citizens is handled over a one-stop-portal – from health insurance to construction permits. Plus, Rwanda is the cleanest country. Waste separation is required by law. Plastic bags are banned since 2006 (!). Role model and cooperation partner is Singapore.